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The KAOS Brief (2016)

26,000 views A secretive hacktivist group named KAOS seemingly hacks whatever program the viewer has been watching. The KAOS representative is dressed in a hip suit and is wearing a skull mask, it feels like the nightly news broadcast with a dark twist. The audience is told that what they are about to view is top secret video footage found hidden in the Edward Snowden files. As the footage begins, the audience is introduced to four high school seniors, twin brother and sister, Skylar and Dakota, and Skylar's boyfriend Corey and Dakota's boyfriend Tren. They are heading to the mountains to go camping for a long weekend. Skylar, being an aspiring vlogger with his own YouTube Channel, has enlisted his siste...

The Hunt (2016)

60,720 views Dean, a father desperate to provide for his family, is paid one million dollars to be hunted for seven days.

When the Starlight Ends (2016)

12,850 views An eccentric writer must choose between his work and the love of his life. Looking back, he reflects on whether he has made the right decision.

Texas Heart (2016)


15,080 views A corrupt New York attorney fleeing the mob seeks refuge in a small Texas town where he stumbles upon a powerful reason to do good.

Native (2016)


42,280 views Two scientists are selected to travel across the universe to the source of a distant transmission and potential life.

Glorious (2016)

22,660 views The compelling story of a young man's journey from rage and gang violence to the unusual gift that God would use to turn his life around.

A Moving Image (2016)


17,530 views An artist returns to her gentrified community where she explores her social position and complicity in the rapid changes.

The Queen of Crime (2016)

22,460 views Outraged by a $1,000 water bill, a meddling mom became a detective.

Werewolf (2016)


38,370 views Blaise and Nessa are outcast methadone users in their small town. Each day they push a rusty lawnmower door-to-door begging to cut grass. Nessa plots an escape, while Blaise lingers closer to collapse. Tethered to one another, their getaway dreams are kept on a suffocatingly short leash.

Fashionista (2016)

24,420 views A woman who uses clothes as an emotional crutch discovers her life isn't as ideal as she thought...

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