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Ravagers (1979)

1,250 views In a post-apocalyptic world divided between two groups called the Flockers and the Ravagers, an adventurer and his "pleasure girl" try to find their way to a rumored safe haven called the Land of Genesis.

Chemistry Lesson (1922)

1,250 views Farmer Al Falfa brews up some moonshine. He gives some to a rabbit that is exhausted after being chased by bloodhounds. The moonshine proves so powerful that the rabbit races back to the dogs and beats them until they run away terrified. Al Falfa gives some moonshine to a rooster. The bird's feathers explode from its body. Al Falfa drinks the moonshine himself. He's explodes into the air like a cannonball. Lightning crashes around him. He continues hurtling upwards. Suddenly, he has angel wings and desperately tries to grab onto the trumpet-bearing female angel just ahead of him. Finally, without the wings, he lands on the bottom of a planet. He crawls around like a spider. He climbs to the ...

The Secret of the Hunchback (1996)

1,250 views Based on Victor Hugo's classic novel, "The Hunchback of Notre Dame," this action-packed animated comedy is a heartwarming story of adventure and romance that will entertain the whole family.

The Marvelous Land of Oz (1987)

1,240 views Watch The Marvelous Land of Oz (1987) Full Movie Online Free

Witchdoctor of the Livingdead (1985)

1,240 views An evil witch doctor terrorizes an innocent village. He has the ability to change into a goat, and calls up an army of zombies to destroy anyone who stands in his way. The good priest and his allies must try to stop him.

The Magic Voyage (1992)

1,230 views Christopher Columbus decides to go on a journey to prove that the Earth is not flat. His companion is a smart wood worm who's on a quest of his own: to save a beautiful fairy princess from the evil lord Swarm and his insect army.

Kadoyng (1972)

1,230 views An alien spaceship lands on earth, and its inhabitants decide to help a poor family.

The Brass Bottle (1964)

1,210 views Comedy about the proverbial genie who comes out of a bottle (a table lamp in this instance) to serve his new master. The only problem is that instead of helping his master, the genie (Burl Ives) tends to get his master (Tony Randall) into more predicaments than he gets him out of.

Cord (2015)

1,210 views On a post-apocalyptic world of never-ending winter, a sparse cast of outsiders lives underground. Due to their unsanitary conditions, sexual contact has become dangerous. Masturbation has become the paradigm of sexual experience and an array of low-tech devices with this purpose has come into existence. In this bleak reality, Czuperski (a dealer of such machines) and Tania (a sex addict) make a deal: she will allow him to experiment new devices on her body in exchange of pleasure. Soon however, their relationship goes out of control.

X-Mess Detritus (2008)

1,200 views MTV and SciFi Channel veteran, Voltaire, takes a dark look at gift-giving and the negative effect it has on the Earth in this one-minute Christmas parable.

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