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Baby, Take a Bow (1934)

1,170 views Eddie Ellison is an ex-con who spent time in Sing-Sing prison. Kay marries him as soon as he serves his time. Five years later, Eddie and his ex-convict buddy Larry, have both gone straight, and Eddie and Kay have a beautiful little girl named Shirley. However, Welch has kept a close eye on them for years. He believes in "once a criminal, always a criminal." Then, when Eddie's employer's wife's pearls go missing, it comes out that Eddie and Larry both spent time in prison, and they're fired. Welch suspects that Eddie and Larry have something to do with the theft of the pearls. Will Welch prove that Eddie and Larry had something to do with the theft, or will the truth prevail?

Chappaqua (1966)


1,170 views Semi-autobiographical story of Conrad Rooks, who travels to France to undergo a drug-withdrawal cure. Flashbacks to the beginings of psychedelia in San Fran.

The Wizard of Oz (1982)

1,170 views Animated version of the classic story of a young farmgirl who is transported to the magic land of Oz.

Sweet Taste of Imagination (2014)


1,170 views An imaginative dreamer university named Garoos professor falls in love with a student who resembles her teacher in this manner. Love story is endangered when a business competitor sets Garoos up for unethical behavior.

Flesh and Blood (1922)


1,170 views A convict hiding in Chinatown assumes the identity of a cripple to track down a businessman who framed him 15 years previously. He discovers that his daughter has fallen in love with the businessman's son.

An Encounter (2006)


1,170 views "An Encounter" is a symbolically jam-packed Bildungsroman that traces the maturation of two young boys who skip class at their strict Catholic school to have a day of fun. They go off on an adventure of youthful excess: they buy candies, chocolate, and play make-belief games as they revel in the freedom of playing 'hooky.' Then, led by a surreal white dog they find themselves in a beautiful, isolated field where they meet a strange, mysterious and beguiling old man who irreparably changes their lives forever.

Golden Harvest (1933)


1,160 views Watch Golden Harvest (1933) Full Movie Online Free

Jefferson in Paris (1995)

1,160 views One of the obsessive speculations in American history is whether Thomas Jefferson, in the years before he became president, had an affair with (and fathered a child with) his 15-year-old slave Sally Hemings. JEFFERSON IN PARIS follows Jefferson to France (as the U.S. ambassador to the court of Louis XVI), following the death of his wife his friendships and flirtations with the French, his relationship with his daughters and slaves from home (especially Sally), against the backdrop of the beginning of the French Revolution.

The Office Wife (1930)

1,160 views Larry Fellowes of Fellowes Publishing wants Kate to write her next book about the 'Office Wife'. The personal secretary/stenographer spends more time with the busy executive and makes more decisions than his wife ever well. This creates a bond between the secretary and boss that the wife can not hope to equal. Little does Larry know that sometimes literature mirrors life.

Household Saints (1993)


1,160 views Unsettling drama about three generations of Italian-American women struggling to get by in post-World War II New York's Little Italy.