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Bombing War: From Guernica to Hiroshima (2017)


1,230 views A look at the military strategy of aerial bombardment and its effect on 20th century wars, and the future of warfare. Part 1: From Guernica to Hiroshima - The Spiral This is not a tale of invasion and great battles, but an account of a clearly-defined military strategy. It began in 1937 when Guernica and the Chinese cities of Chongqing and Shanghai were devastated by bombs. The destruction of civilian populations from the air culminated in Hiroshima in 1945. Part 2: From Guernica to Hiroshima - The Blaze The world that emerged from WWII was changed forever because of the military reliance on the strategy of destruction caused by aerial bombing. Overcome by its own technology, humanity would ...

Sean Lock: Keep It Light (2017)


1,230 views Watch Sean Lock: Keep It Light (2017) Full Movie Online Free

Vicky This Side, Varun That Side (2017)


1,230 views Vicky this side - Varun that side is a one hour stand up comedy special featuring Indian comedian Varun Thakur and his alter ego Struggling Actor Vicky Malhotra. Never before has a comedian performed a stand up routine based on his popular snap chat character.

Roy Chubby Brown: The Second Coming (2017)


1,220 views Watch Roy Chubby Brown: The Second Coming (2017) Full Movie Online Free

England's Reformation: Three Books That Changed a Nation (2017)

1,200 views It is 500 years since the Reformation, when England broke away from the authority of the Catholic Church. This is the story of three books at the heart of the schism. Presented by Dr Janina Ramirez.

Monkey Business: The Adventures of Curious George's Creators (2017)


1,190 views A documentary film exploring the extraordinary lives of Hans and Margret Rey, the authors of the beloved Curious George children's books.

Madrasi Da by SA Aravind (2017)


1,180 views Madrasi Da is S. Aravind talking about men and women or the lack of them in his life from a Middle Class prospective. Running commentary. Crawling ambitions. Long distance delusion. Single? You are his new best friend.

Übermensch (2017)

1,160 views Two young goths form a blood pact and prepare for the ultimate cleansing and escape from cycles of anxiety and control through performing a concert in a church, swimming in dark waters and burying symbols of demons and authority.

Children of the Wild (2017)


1,150 views Many cultures have myths about wolf children, taken from their families and who grew up in the wild, either alone or with wolves, bears or other animals. How close are these stories to reality? This program looks at the monkey boy John Ssebunya of Uganda, and Kiplings fictional boy, Mowgli.

Adam Hills: Clown Heart Live (2017)


1,150 views Watch Adam Hills: Clown Heart Live (2017) Full Movie Online Free

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